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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is coming and there is simply no way around it.  When people think about what AI is and how it affects their lives, people typically think about “The Terminator” and dismiss the idea that AI has some flaws.  With that perspective, people often lack perspective of the dangers of AI and data privacy/compliance; specifically, since people don’t see a problem coming, people don’t think a problem exists.  Unfortunately, this is where the vast majority of the public (and businesses) are incorrect.  The truth is that AI and data privacy issues have been around for some time.  AI is the engine that allows companies to collect data from the public.  Everyone has heard about “cookies” but don’t understand that the bread crumbs left by their actions extend far beyond their laptop and computer.

In January 2023, the Virginia legislature enacted Virginia’s Consumer Data Protection Act (VCDPA).  It is the 2nd of its kind in the entire United States (California was the first state to adopt a similar set of laws).  The requirements under the law of Virginia and California are strikingly different, and relatively new.  That said, the issue of data privacy and compliance is important enough that laws are starting to take shape in Virginia.

Some of the important bits of information that need to be considered with respect to data privacy and compliance are as follows:

• Who is covered under data privacy laws

• What rights do Virginia consumers have regarding data privacy?

• Where can consumers obtain information regarding information being held by businesses

• What can consumers do to protect their data?

• What compliance requirements must businesses adhere to under the VCDPA?

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