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Shin Law Office Estate Planning Experts Help You Make Your Wishes Known

Taking time to focus on estate planning with a Northern Virginia Estate Planning Expert often is not a top priority. It’s just not something we want to think about. But proper estate planning is the difference between leaving a legacy for your loved ones or leaving them with a burden.

Everyone has an estate. Your belongings, your property, your values, your wishes — these are all part of the legacy you leave behind to those who loved you.

Those who do not take the time to have an estate plan could potentially leave their loved ones with nothing but a mound of expenses and a mountain of confusion surrounding your assets.

In some cases, the government can even step in and take over if a person’s wishes aren’t available in legal documentation.

Wills, powers of attorney, living wills, custody wishes, etc — for most of us, these documents could be the extent of our estate plan … but that doesn’t make them any less important.

Let a Shin Law Office Estate Planning Expert help you take the guesswork out of your last wishes. Schedule your no-cost consultation today.

Preserving Your Legacy Is Top Priority For Our Estate Planning Experts

You have spent a lifetime building it. Now, you want those you love to enjoy it and have the ability to continue building upon it.

For those with moderate to substantial estates, let your Shin Law Office Estate Planning Experts ensure every aspect of your estate is managed professionally and embodies all of your wishes.

Estate planning guards your wealth after you are gone and gives specific instructions as to how your estate is to be handled.

It allows for the establishment of trusts to benefit family members for years to come or even distribute periodically, gifts to your favorite charities, should you decide to make one a beneficiary.

Your estate plan outlines your last will and testament, powers of attorney, living will wishes, gifts, distribution of assets, distribution guidelines and stipulations, estate governance and it takes into account various state and federal estate inheritance tax penalties — which can be quite substantial if not handled correctly.

A full-service estate plan makes sure your hard work today is still there for future generations.

Estate planning is a major undertaking, but when you are gone, it ensures a legacy that will benefit future generations for years to come.

Let a a Northern Virginia Estate Planning Expert help you take the first step in making sure your wishes stand the test of time.

Case ResultsDownloads

  •  Complex spousal support issue in a Divorce- reduced spousal support amount from $7,500.00 to $2,500.00 per month.
  •  Complex contested divorce where the firm represented the Plaintiff.  Plaintiff received primary physical custody, which was the main issue at trial.
  •  Obtained a judgment for Plaintiff on a Rule to Show Cause for violation of a court order due to Defendant’s failure to refinance a mortgage on a home.  Was able to obtain $60,000.00.
  •  Successfully obtained a Civil Protective Order for 2 years for victim of domestic abuse.


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