Your Consultation is Free

Since this firm started, we have always been firm in our belief that it just simply is not right to charge someone a consultation fee to determine if they need help.  So, free consultations, no strings attached.

Our Time is Your Time

What’s the point of providing free consultations if you only have 15 minutes to talk about your case?  With this firm’s consultations, feel relaxed and take some time to decompress.  It’s very stressful to speak with attorneys (even if they are the one’s helping you!).  Leave the stress and pressure at the door.

Payments that Work for You

Yes, we do payment plans!  Simply put, not everyone has thousands of dollars put to the side for a rainy day.  We do not believe there is a single person that has huge sums of money put to the side when legal matters come up.

Your Direct Connection

What’s worse than hiring an attorney but never having the ability to speak with them?  The most important thing we offer is direct one-on-one contact with one of our attorneys.  Free calls and texts directly to our cell phones when you need us.

Your Calls and Emails are Free

Yes, we do not bill for e-mails and phone conversations.  Simply put, you should not be counting dollars as you speak with us over the phone.  After all, it’s your case and we are supposed to work together as a team!

Flexible on Your Schedule

Have you ever wanted to schedule a meeting on Saturday at 11:30 a.m. at a local coffee shop before you have to take your kids somewhere?  Well, now you can.  One of the biggest misunderstandings is that attorneys do not want to work outside normal business hours.  Not here.  As your attorney, we are fully available when you need and where you need, no questions asked.

We Never Stop Working For You

The only single thing we can promise is working your case to the bone and making sure we are on the same page to get the outcome that you want.

Your Budget Matters

Why pay $7,000.00 for a divorce retainer when you can pay half?  Why pay $2,500.00 simple misdemeanor when you could pay much less?  We get it, lawyers cost money.  But the question is what exactly are you paying for?  When you hire this firm, not only are you retaining an experienced attorney at an affordable price, but you are also getting a transparent billing system where you see exactly where your money is spent!