Meet Anthony Shin

The most rewarding part about being an attorney is providing peace of mind to others. One reality of life is that people fear what they don’t know, especially when dealing with unfamiliar legal issues.

My Personal Statement

Prior to going to law school, I assisted my parents in running their restaurant inside the Loudoun County Courthouse. I had no intention of going to law school at that time. Every day I interacted with individuals that knew nothing about the court system. Often times, it was very clear that the customers were terrified about just being in a courthouse. As time passed, I soon realized that not knowing what was going to happen in the future was a common source of anxiety for many individuals. I would often get asked, “do you know if I will go to jail for this?” or “do you know if I will have to file for bankruptcy?” I felt helpless by not being able to provide a simple “yes” or “no”.

As more individuals asked questions, I became curious. I found myself going out of my way to ask local attorneys and judges questions about common issues. I knew I found a passion when I would be making breakfast meals while carrying on conversations with prosecutors and public defenders about cases and general strategies about an upcoming trial. As curiosity grew, I made a commitment to pursue law school.

From the day I chose to dedicate myself to serving the community, I realized the greatest sense of accomplishment was providing individuals peace of mind before going to bed at night, allowing a client to go home and enjoy dinner with his or her family, and/or allowing a client to forget any legal issues he or she had to deal with that day. The victories were won day by day. It dawned on me that a client will worry about tomorrow, but if he or she could control his or her anxiety for today, a step towards victory was complete.

My perspective has not changed. Lawyers cannot guarantee wins. Lawyers cannot guarantee losses. However, I believe we CAN guarantee investing a personal interest in each individual client, and CAN guarantee that we will do whatever it takes to find a legal resolution that a client is pleased with.

“The good lawyer is not the man who has an eye to every side and angle of contingency, and qualifies all his qualifications, but who throws himself on your part so heartily, that he can get you out of a scrape.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

My History


2014 – Present

Founded Law Office


Anthony I. Shin, PLLC


2012 – 2014

Biberaj, Snow & Sinclaire, PC

Law Clerk

2010 – 2012

Hon. Thomas D. Horne

Former Chief Judge

Loudoun County Circuit Court

Juris Doctorate

2006 – 2010

Ave Maria School of Law

Naples, Florida

B.S. Political Science

2002 – 2006

Pennsylvania State University

Minor in Psychology

“Great Lawyer Would Be an Understatement…”

Retained Mr. Shin for a legal matter. He interviewed me and immediately put me at ease with his professionalism, response time and technical command of the current case law in the Commonwealth. Great advocate in the court room as well. He worked to settle my case in two court visits. Great lawyer would be an understatement.

R. Parker

“Was the best decision I or anyone could make…”

I was introduced to Mr. Shin by one of the partners in his firm. From the first meeting I had no doubt that he was the attorney that I wanted to work with. Mr. Shin took the time to go the extra mile on every task that my case required. He met with and had a great understanding of the perspectives everyone involved in my case would be speaking from. Knowing these perspectives allowed him to prepare himself and most important prepare me for anything that could happen. Having this knowledge also allowed me to go through each scenario in advance and determine how I would proceed with addressing any of the potential outcomes of my case in advance ; not having to go through that process while under the stress of having just been told on the day of my trial. On the day of my trial there were NO surprises. Everything went according to one of the scenarios he had prepared me for. 

With this being my first time dealing with the legal system, I knew nothing about it. Selecting Mr. Shin as my attorney was the best decision I or anyone could / can make. While I hope to never need his services in the future. If the need arises, he will be the person I contact.

E. Smith

“He was awesome…”

Mr. Shin was court appointed to my case and he was awesome. No other words could describe him. He went to bat for me since day one and hasn't stopped. We meet on a number of occasions, he kept me informed, was always available for me and if not he didn't keep me waiting long, and if I had a question he had an answer or he would get me an answer. He also helped me with some issues with my husband. I think the world of Mr. Shin; he is definitely a man of his word.