Civil Litigation


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Here’s the biggest problem with civil litigation, not everyone knows what it is.  Naturally, if you don’t know what civil litigation is, you don’t know if your case fits in this category.  To settle this confusion, we’ve made this easy to understand: anything that is not criminal is probably civil or even easier, if you’re looking for money damages you’re in the right spot.

Now you know, so now what?  Now you need to find a qualified, experienced attorney that can produce results no matter what’s at stake, big or small.

Do you ever get the feeling that when you speak with an attorney, he/she just doesn’t feel as invested in the case as you do?  It’s probably because the dollar amount isn’t worth it, right?  Or do you ever get the feeling that something in a consultation just isn’t quite right?  Meaning, the communication seems to be clear, but the attorney just doesn’t seem to understand the case from your perspective.  Well, with us, put those worries aside.  As was mentioned here, we work for you.  This means that our job is to be your voice, which requires us to represent your interests in the way you wanted to be represented.  Whether it’s a contract dispute, personal injury matter, property dispute, request for specific performance or recovery of money damages, we have the experience and persistence to get you what you deserve.

If you don’t believe us, feel free to call us for a free consultation.

DownloadsCase Results

 Petition or Motion For Expungement (Instructions)
 Petition for Protective Order (Instructions) (Information Sheet)
 Request for Witness Subpoena (Instructions)
 Subpoena Duces Tecum (Instructions)
 Warrant in Debt (Instructions)
 Warrant in Detinue (Instructions)
 Affidavit for Service of Process on the Secretary of the Commonewealth (Instructions)
 Warrant in Debt (Instructions)
 Warrant in Detinue (Civil Claim for Specific Personal Property)  (Instructions)
 Affidavit-Default Judgment Servicemembers Civil Relief Act  (Instructions)
 Motion and Order for Voluntary Nonsuit (Instructions)
 Motion for Show Cause Summons or Capias (Instructions)
 Summons for Unlawful Detainer (Instructions)
 Motion to Set Aside Default Judgment (Instructions)
 Notice of Change of Address (Instructions)
 Summons To Answer Interrogatories (Instructions)
 Bill of Particulars (Instructions)
 Grounds of Defense (Instructions)
 Itemized List of Damages (Instructions)
 Suggestion for Summons In Garnishment (Instructions)
 Garnishment Summons (Instructions)
 Notice to Judgment Debtor- How to Claim Exemptions from Garnishment (Instructions)
 Garnishee Information Sheet (Instructions)
 Garnishee’s Answer (Instructions)
 Request for Writ of Possession in Unlawful Detainer Proceedings (Instructions)
 Petition and Order for Sale of Property (Instructions)
 Medical Emergency Custody Petition (Instructions)
 Motion and Order for Release of Vehicle (Instructions)
 Motion to Amend or Review Order (Instructions)

  • Emergency estate planning completed for an individual who was to unfortunately pass away within 1 week. All documents executed with no issues at probate.
  • Successful expungement on multiple criminal charges against Client.

Typical Civil Litigation Matters

  • Contract Disputes
  • Estate Planning
  • Collection Matters
  • Landlord-Tenant Matters
  • Employment Matters